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  • It all started the summer of 2018. Emma was taken to the doctor for a suspected UTI, where she was placed on antibiotics. A few days later, we were getting ready for church and Emma began suffering from terrible stomach pain. We rushed her to the hospital where they performed multiple […]

  • Tripp was diagnosed with leukemia on April 10th, 2019. It’s been a long, rocky road, but he is absolutely RESILIENT! Tripp’s treatment plan was a 3 year plan. There have been some set backs along the way and a few hospital stays as well. His liver started failing September of 2020. […]

  • Riley was just shy of 10 months old, a perfect healthy and happy baby, when she suddenly had some episodes of vomiting. Our first thought was stomach virus, and she was misdiagnosed as having such. However, less than a week later, Riley fell over out of the blue & began to […]