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Cool Kids Clubhouse Academic, Emotional and Social Programs

Cancer creates an instant crisis in a family. Fear and anxiety are the first emotions young people may feel after learning of their illness and what they are about to face. Kids with cancer are still normal kids! Our program’s focus is guided by the direct feedback we receive from affected families and advice from the Cool Kids Clubhouse Committee.

If your child is located along the east coast region and is diagnosed with cancer, they are eligible to receive a customized care package.  Please complete a Cool Kids Campaign Application below and be sure to have your Child Life Worker or Hospital Social Worker sign before returning.

Additionally, our Cool Kids Clubhouses are unique facilities located in Towson, Maryland and Huntersville, North Carolina, that allows all pediatric cancer patients, their siblings and parents/caregivers a place to just be themselves while learning and socializing with other pediatric cancer families. We offer a wide variety of programs in our Clubhouse that include Virtual Tutoring & Mentoring, Smile Celebrations, Movie Nights, Annual Camp, and Parent Support Groups among other changing and improving services.

To become a Cool Kids Family, download our Application below:

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