It all started the summer of 2018. Emma was taken to the doctor for a suspected UTI, where she was placed on antibiotics. A few days later, we were getting ready for church and Emma began suffering from terrible stomach pain. We rushed her to the hospital where they performed multiple tests with a final diagnosis of a tumor located on her kidney. She had to have not only her kidney removed, but also her renal vein to remove another tumor that began growing. She lost all of her hair during the 1st month of chemo, but accepted it and embraced it.

She continued to get her monthly port access for antibiotics until June. She continued to go in for scans and blood work. By this time, her hair had started to come back. She finally got her port removed. We always went to her appointments as a family but we were forced to keep the attendance at her appointments limited when Covid began. She was and still is going to her doctor every 6 months for scans and blood work. She has some new allergies and some life long issues due to chemo, but her hair came back thicker, redder and curlier than ever! She is now coming up on four years of remission!


We love that we can support Emma, JJ, and her family at Cool Kids Clubhouse!