Sharon and Jacob

A Letter From Sharon Perfetti

When people hear where I work and ask how I got involved, I can sense that they are gearing up for my cancer story. My answer, however, surprises most because I haven’t had cancer, and haven’t had a parent, spouse or child with cancer.

While I haven’t personally experienced the devastation that this disease can inflict, it doesn’t take much to look around and see the havoc that cancer wreaks on the lives of the patients and those closest to them. Once the battle with cancer becomes the focus of someone’s life, it doesn’t take personal experience to see that they need a special kind of help, support and energy from those around them.

During my first two years with the Cool Kids Campaign, I couldn’t help but notice the occasional “Cancer Sucks” t-shirt, pin, or sticker. While I agree with the slogan, I felt it didn’t capture the primary emotion that kids and their parents faced every day: fear.

That’s where the mindset of Cancer Fears ME comes in.

I wanted to give every family a rallying cry that would empower them. One that would show the cancer that they are in charge, that Cancer Fears Them!!

It took us a little while to go through the trademark process and really decide what to do with the slogan that would be the most beneficial to the patients and their families. Over time we developed a line of merchandise to sell in support of our other programs, and later the idea of the Designated Patient Fundraising Program came into play.

If you have a story that embodies Cancer Fears ME, we would love to hear it. You can contact any of the staff or email me directly at