[su_heading size=”15″]We recognize the severe financial impact of cancer. Use our Cancer Fears Me slogan as a way for you to raise money for yourself.[/su_heading]

Show support for those living with cancer through the Cool Kids Campaign Cancer Fears Me Designated Patient Fundraising. Skip the bull roasts, comedy club nights, local 5k’s and other time intensive and complicated events. Just fill out the verification form, get your doctor or other caregiver to sign it, and you are all set to start receiving monthly commission checks.

Designated Patients can use the monthly checks we send them for any financial needs they have. There are no restrictions on what the funds are used for. And there is no limit on how much can be raised for you.

Signing Up Is Easy! Just follow these steps:

1) Download and send back the Designated Patient Form

2) You’ll receive a designated patient fundraising number from us via email within 2 business days (usually faster)

3) Send out the link to our online Cancer Fears ME store to friends and family!
Eligible items are anything with the Cancer Fears ME mark printed on them. www.www.coolkidscampaign.org/product-category/cancer-fears-me/

Once a supporter completes an order, be sure to have them forward your order confirmation email to Lauren with your designated patient number and he can credit your account. There is also a field during checkout where they can put your name / designated patient number.

4) 25% of all the proceeds of orders placed by you and your supporters will be mailed to you at the conclusion of each month

Shipping, taxes, and items without the Cancer Fears ME logo are excluded from your total sales.