Meet our Cool Teen of the Month: Devin! At the age of 10, while at Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital, he was diagnosed with Craniopharyngioma. As we know, a cancer diagnosis can cause various issues throughout the body. Last year, Devin had surgery on his legs due to an unidentified illness. The surgery resulted in him having to wear leg casts for three months. Throughout his journey, he’s been in intensive care six times, with the most recent instance occurring in December of 2021. While grieving the loss of a beloved family member, Devin was diagnosed with COVID-19. Because he is immunocompromised, doctors rushed him to ICU, where Devin remained on life support for a few days.

In January 2022, he fully recovered from Covid and attended the Monster Truck Show of his favorite Cool Kid Events! Currently, Devin is in stable condition. Although his journey posed difficulties, his spirit continues to shine through adversity.