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Bonding with Bourbon 2023

March 29th, 2023

Shoals Grill 6pm-10pm

Tax deductible contribution/$100 per person

Live Music by Hella Stellar

Old Forester Special Batch Tasting

Taste the delicious flavors of history with the Old Forester Bourbon collection. This spirit collection features bottles that celebrate the legacy of the Old Forester Distillery, which has been in operation since 1870. Enjoy the authentic 1870 recipe with the Old Forester 1870 Original Batch Whiskey and taste the unique flavor of one of America’s only legal prohibition-era distillery with the Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Whiskey.

Watchman Cigar Pairing

Watchman Cigars was founded by Leon Tanner, a native of Charlotte. Their tobacco blends and cigars are prepared carefully, and hand rolled by Certified Honduran Master Rollers who spent over twenty years learning the craft under one of the major cigar companies in the world, Padron. Watchman Cigars is not just a GREAT CIGAR, but also a brand. Always take time for a Watchman and get to know the man behind the name.

Celebration of Summer Solstice Featuring a Dinner in White

June 23rd, 2023, 5pm-10pm

Destination is revealed the day of

Tax deductible contribution/$250 per person

Post-Holiday deal includes a ticket bundle for attendance to both events for only $300 per person. 

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Bundle package available December 29th-January 31st only. 

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