Wind For Change FAQ

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What is the money raised used for?
Wind For Change fundraising dollars sponsor the Cool Kids Learning Center. Because cancer treatments render a child’s immune system too weak to attend school, this remarkable program allows children to stay current with their grade level with our volunteer tutors, and interact with peers experiencing similar medical treatments, during our social activities. To learn more about the Center and our programs, click here.

Is there a fee for Justin to visit our school?
Zero! Justin does not charge a fee but does ask that every school participate in the Wind For Change wind speed contest portion of his program.

Must all of our students participate in the wind speed contest for Justin to teach a weather class?
No, the weather and science talk is for everyone and the contest is held afterwards. However, we encourage as many students as possible to participate in the wind speed contest – it’s really fun and the whole reason for the program! Even some teachers get in on the action! Students can be involved in the contest by fundraising as little as $5!

student involvement

Justin teaches convection & conduction at Aleph Bet Jewish Day School (Annapolis, MD)

What grades does Justin work with?
Justin’s classroom lesson works best with first grade through sixth grade.

To whom are donation checks payable?
Cool Kids Campaign. Please note “Wind For Change” in the memo section of your check.

Is our school allowed to raise money for another charity besides Cool Kids Campaign?
No. Wind For Change is an exclusive program of Cool Kids Campaign.

How much time do students have to raise the money?
Pledge sheets should be sent home with the students two weeks before Justin’s visit. Following the wind speed contest, students then have another week to collect and return pledges to their teacher. Postage paid envelopes are provided for teachers to easily forward checks to Cool Kids Campaign. (Cash is not encouraged. Please ask the school to cut a check in place of any cash collected).

How do students collect pledges?
There are two ways to sponsor a student:
-Sponsor per mph blown on the anemometer in the contest (for example, $1 for each mph)
-Sponsor a student for a flat fee (minimum $5)

Who should we contact to schedule Justin to visit our school?
First check Justin’s availability here. Try to schedule Justin for a Wednesday between 10:30 a.m. and 2PM, however, he will try to be as flexible as possible. Direct further questions to

Is there literature to print out for our principal and parents?
Yes.  You can download the Teacher’s Guide to Wind For Change (PDF), or email with any questions.

Justin will be visiting our school. What can we expect?
Justin will conduct an interactive discussion and demonstration of the basic science behind weather. This will include a few instruments, science demonstrations, and the use of student volunteers. Questions and answers are welcome. The lesson can be tailored to a specific topic, such as severe weather, geography, or winter storms – whatever your class is studying.

What is the grand prize? How many winners are there?
In addition to the students’ participation in the wind speed contest, each student receives a certificate of participation, a pinwheel (ES) or ruler (MS) and if you raise $20 or more, you receive a free pass to the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore! Each school is also given the chance to win a pizza party for their entire class by pledging to fundraise and collecting donations. The scale to win a pizza party is dependent upon the number of students participating in Justin’s lesson.

TOP INDIVIDUAL PRIZE: *The student that raises the most out of ALL the school visits for the year will win four (4) free Orioles tickets!*

Can students join the competition without a pledge sheet?
No. Because Justin visits a school only once, it wouldn’t be fair to those students who have worked hard ahead of time to collect pledges. Of course we want everyone to feel included, however, we have noticed close to 0% follow-through from students who join the contest the “day of” then promise to bring in pledge sheets later. To avoid this scenario, teachers must do their best to explain the wind speed competition to the class and give ample opportunity for ALL students to participate (i.e., collect pledges), so no one feels left out that day.

What is Justin’s teaching background?
Justin has been speaking at area schools for over five years, and has been a professor since 2000. He has taught Introduction to Meteorology and Climate Change: Science and Society at Stevenson University in Baltimore County. Justin’s passion for classroom learning stems from a family history of teachers; his parents and several relatives were all educators.

How did Justin get involved with Cool Kids Campaign?
Justin’s connection to Cool Kids stems from a personal childhood experience. Read his story about a cancer misdiagnosis and a fight to save his left leg, and why he feels passionate about helping Cool Kids Campaign.